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When it comes to blogs, search engines and people both love comments is very important because they help you build fans and traffic. Without traffic, CommentLuv will not produce love comment power or be helpful, so building traffic should to be the first thing you do.

If you want to have many people commenting on your blog using comment love, you will need to start with the basics of SEO, and that’s building back links. Building back links is not that tough to do, but the simplest way is by going to other people’s blogs and commenting there. When you do this, make sure you put the keyword you are trying to rank for in the name area.

In the comment area, leave feedback that is helpful, otherwise, the blog owner will not post your comment. Try to comment about valuable information on the blog, and you will have a better chance of getting posted. When searching and posting comments, you may notice that some blogs will have CommentLuv too, and that is a good thing. When you post to blogs that have it, that will help you get more traffic to your own site.

Another way to get people to your blog for comments is by posting on message boards. Posting on message boards for back links, however, is not as simple as posting on blogs. Different message boards have different rules. The best types to use are the ones that allows sig files, and that is where you want to include your anchor text with your keyword.

After you setup your sig file, go and find posts and leave something helpful in your comment. When people read your post, they will go to your blog from your sig file and possibly leave a comment about graphics and pictures and quotes and images on love comment enabled sites.

Both free methods of building back links are great.

By being active on other people’s blogs or message boards you will gain traffic and momentum.  CommentLuv simply takes good and makes it great with increased numbers of visitors coming to visit your site each day.

It is a good idea to check your search engine rankings after the first month. By the second month, if you are ranked well on the search engines, there should be tons of comments on your blog where CommentLuv is, so be sure to check it often.

When it comes to paid services, many people like PPC, but that game can be very risky and costly if not managed correctly. Most of these services allow you to direct people to your blog by bidding on keywords. Depending on your blog and keywords, you might have to pay a little or a lot per click. It is best to point people to the page where CommentLuv is installed, this way you can increase your comments.

Comment for love of blogging.

Comments are important for blogs, but to get tons of them, you need traffic. Both free and paid methods are great, but the free method will give you non stop traffic once established. Remember to only use keywords within your comment love that do not have lots of competition, otherwise, it will take many months to get ranked on the search engines.

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