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Viral Online Marketing

Word Of Web Viral Marketing Strategy

The advantages of viral online marketing techniques to your online business can be summed up in single wordTraffic. Once the message starts to spread it can grow exponentially and keep growing for many months or even years.

Your viral Internet marketing  traffic generating techniques can and should be in a number of different forms. No matter what approach you take, the single most important factor is providing high quality content and information your potential customers want or need. It must be a positive experience for them or there is little chance of going viral. It is also important to make sure all your links are clickable (you do not want your customer to have to copy and paste them), do not include to many links so it appears overly promotional, and make sure all links and offers are relevant to your message/product/ affiliate product etc.

Whatever product you use for what is viral online marketing campaign you will want to give it away for FREE. You want to make it as easy and as likely as possible your message/product will be passed along, and free makes it more likely.

Top Viral Online Marketing Tools

1. E-books – This is a widely use method and it works.Write or find an e-book that is relevant to the product or niche you are promoting and give it away. Put a link on your site, offer it to your visitors,your list, or offer it as an incentive to become a subscriber.  Encourage everyone who downloads it to give it away also. Make sure it can be re-branded so your customers and their customers can become affiliates and earn commissions from the links to the products within the book. If you are not the author make sure you have give away, PLR, or branding rights to the book. Read the terms and conditions.

2. Social bookmarking sites – If your content is empowered by Facebook likes and Twitter retweets this can be very effective. Make sure you follow the rules as they all have policies regarding being to promotional.

3. Articles – Write articles relevant to the content you are giving away and submit them to several article directories.  You can also have excellent articles written for you using a service like IWriter which I personally have used with excellent results.  Given that creating content is the hardest part of the process you will find having the content created for you to be an extremely valuable time saver.  Make sure your articles are informative and avoid using duplicate content. Put a link to your site in each article so your readers can click it and receive their free product or information.  Articles can contain SEO or posicionamiento Web flavor while offering guerilla marketing results.

4.Online classifieds – Write a classified ad with a good headline and strong call to action. Place the link/URL to your site and you will receive viral marketing buzz as people begin talking about the uniqueness of your offer.

5. Forums – Choose relevant and popular forums that allow signature tags. Check page ranking and number of active members before joining. Know the rules.

These are just a few viral online marketing tools you might want to consider for generating traffic to your site. Almost anything can go viral with a viral marketing campaign if it provides quality content and information along with the right momentum. Use your imagination and you can probably come up with a new method.

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