How to Get Visitors

How to Get Visitors

Website Traffic Exchange Doesn’t Have To Be Ugly

Creating great website content is only the first step to viral traffic results online. You also need to make sure that you are delivering a steady stream of visitors according to the website analytics of that site. Below we will look at how to get visitors to your website using some of the most effective, free tactics being used online today.

How to Get Visitors Website Traffic with Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a powerful way to tap into the huge audiences that many established blogs have. With guest blogging you propose a topic to the blog owner that you would like to write about. If they accept your proposal you will be able to write a blog post which will be included on their site.

When you write your guest blog post you can include a byline at the bottom of the post which will include a link to your website. This can generate traffic directly to your website. Secondly by having a back link on a popular blog in your niche you can increase your search engine rankings. This can in turn produce more visitors for your website statistics to report.

To get started look for popular blogs and websites in your niche. Then reach out to the owner using the contact form with your proposal. Alternatively you can use sites such as MyBlogGuest.com which matches blog owners to content creators.

How to Get Visitors with Social Networking

Social network sites are another great way to leverage an existing platform to get more visitors to your website thus increasing your website stats. Sites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all have huge amounts of users. The basic method for building an audience and generating traffic on any platform is the same.

Find where the community that you want to appeal to exists on that platform and then get in front of them by producing quality content. Types of content which may include videos, blog posts and presentations. Each of these pieces of content should link back to your main website.

How to Get Visitors with Video Marketing

Video is increasingly becoming the way that people like to absorb content online. YouTube alone attracts over 800 million unique users every month. In order to tap into this huge audience for video content you simply need to create videos around you given topic.

Once you have created your video upload it to a video sharing site such as YouTube. Remember to include a link back to your main landing page in the description for the video and to tag the video with search terms that your prospective visitor is using.

So now you know how to get visitors. However the real secret to getting online traffic exchange results for your work is found in creating quality content. While that takes work, if you are willing to do it you will find that there is an almost endless supply of free traffic available. This content can be created by yourself or alternatively it can be outsourced to other writers.

Two good sources of writing talent include writing services such as IWriter.com or freelancing websites such as oDesk or eLance. Once you know how to get visitors using content creation you can use outsourcing to scale up your efforts and deliver as much traffic as you require.

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