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Viral Ad Campaign

Social Media Marketing On the Internet

What is a Viral Ad campaign?

What is viral advertising?

Well, in simple words, it is a viral marketing technique used to create brand awareness among Internet users. With the use of Internet on a rapid increase, online marketing has yielded the most profit. Internet/online marketing has saved much more than the traditional marketing method. In the traditional way of marketing, a company will use printed ads to market and in yesteryear they started to use television to advertise their product with moving pictures. With the evolution of what is viral marketing a product has become very simple and lot cheaper. Viral ads can be a simple video clip that is mostly created by the company. This short ad is directly aimed at the consumer to create awareness about the product.

If you are wondering about what exactly is implied by this new word that is so popular among businesses of all kinds, read on to get your doubts clarified.

Viral Ad Campaign Benefits

The penetration of the Internet is so much that most of the users are always online and actively sharing contents. Viral ads are target social media to specific niche users in an attempt to create brand awareness and market the companies product. A few of the advantages are:

  • Much cheaper than Google ads pay per click methods.
  • It reaches lot of people through social media marketing. People on social media networks share their contents, which they like, thus your ad will travel even faster.
  • Revenues generated are far higher.

This magical tool has few disadvantages too. Like:

  • It may be considered as spam
  • The ad may reach or cover people who are not the targeted market.
  • If your brand name is shown everywhere then it may result in dilution of your brand value.

How Viral Ads Work?

The basic concept is to persuade a person to spread the word about the product or the brand. In order to persuade a person to share the content, the content must be appeasing to the person. By creating a cool ad or a message, the word will spread even faster. These ads do not only spread via Internet, it can be shared through a physical conversation, text message or even by books and images. This viral ad needs a little bit of trust and patience. Once you have created an ad and posted it online, you have to wait for sometime before the word spreads out.

Why Use A Powerful Viral Ad?

Viral ads are a very powerful guerilla marketing tool because it has a higher rapid response rate than most any other marketing tool. You might have noticed that once a company decided to make a viral ad on their product or service, their stock value and popularity shoots up rapidly. This rapid response should be used for the company’s benefit. These campaigns may also backfire and thus reduce the value of the company. Thus it is very important to use this tool properly.

Best Viral Ad Campaigns

There have been numerous excellent campaigns over the years that rapidly got the company to great heights like:

  • The makers of mobile gaming app shot to fame with their ad campaigns on the Internet.
  • Korean electronic company doubled their profits buy going viral.

With all these benefits this viral ad campaign method has become a very useful tool.

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