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Viral marketing campaign

Viral Marketing On Internet Roadmap

Viral marketing campaign defined can be termed as buzzwords which refer to marketing techniques that utilize an already existing social network as well as other technology to increase product or project awareness.

It can also be used to achieve other stipulated Internet marketing objectives via a process of self-replicating steps which are positive viral marketing strategies unlike in nature with the spread of a real virus.

The main goal of marketers is to create successful social media marketing plan and otherwise programs. And one of the only ways to achieve that is by creating viral marketing messages that are appealing to specific individuals.  With enhanced social networks the potential probability of having your message spread by friends as well as their followers dramatically increases and so do your results.

Internet Viral Marketing Campaign Examples

Internet marketing is the art of using the Internet to pass messages about the company, its products or the services they offer.  This type of marketing was first introduced in 1990′s.

Free advertising from affiliate marketing results can also be used by the company to conduct research and surveys concerning the nature of potential and existing customers in terms of their preferences, demographics and needs. The company can also advertise goods and services while selling over the Internet.

The way of defining Internet marketing may vary slightly depending on the person using the term. At one time it consisted mostly of creating websites or banner ads and placing them on other existing Websites. Looking at the other end of spectrum there are a lot of companies telling people to make an overnight fortune on the Internet.

At the present, internet marketing which is also known as online marketing, is fast evolving in to a wider mix of elements a company can use as a way of increasing sales. It does not matter if the business is performed completely through:

  • online
  • offline
  • or partly online

The decision concerning the use of Internet marketing as an organizational overall marketing strategy is dependent majorly on the organization itself of course.  But like a rule Internet marketing is tending toward becoming an important part of almost all companies marketing mix.

Typical Components Of A Viral Marketing Campaign

  1. Setting up a website, that essentially consists of images, text as well as video and audio elements which convey the company’s advertisements online and inform potential and existing customers about the benefits and features of the company’s services and/or product. The site may include the ability or may not, to capture potential customers or sell the products directly online.
  2. Search engine marketing, that is a way of marketing of a website online through search engines, by improving the sites organic ranking via:
    1. search engine optimization
    2. pay-for-inclusion in websites directories
    3. purchasing pay-per-click Google Adwords ads.
  3. Email marketing, whereby it is a method of spreading information via what is viral marketing that concerns a product or service or for obtaining feedback from consumers about the product via email. Email addresses may be collected for prospective customers.

Whatever elements you include in your marketing mix making room for viral marketing campaign strategies is one sure way to success.

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