Viral Marketing Examples To Learn From

Viral marketing examples

Social Media Internet Marketing Plan

Viral Internet marketing has emerged as one of the most effective marketing
techniques in creating brand name awareness fast. Various large, medium and small businesses have now been using several viral marketing examples and techniques to build and expand their brand awareness and get the maximum out of the money spent on advertising.

There are several methods of going viral online, some of which involve:

  • Social media
  • Content/article directory
  • Blogs
  • Online videos

You can use all the mediums or start with one at a time. If we look at some of the viral marketing campaign examples available on social media sites and elsewhere you would realize that they were all excellent business plan strategies and timed to be able to create the kind of buzz they did.

Creating a buzz, or viral message is tricky and can be difficult, a relatively easier method is to choose something that has already made the waves and use it in your own way and give it a twist to create a branding for your product or service accordingly.

Viral Marketing Examples With Video

First up on our list is the video by uShip:

While the world waited for the movie named The Social Network, the online shipping marketplace named uShip made an online video using the concept from the movie, more like a spoof which was released soon after the movie was and had started to gain momentum. Perfect timing helped them to go viral with that video, making it one of the more successful strategic planning success stories with viral marketing videos.

Next up is the video by T-Mobile:

Almost the entire world went into a frenzy about the royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. T-mobile took the opportunity to cash in on this buzz and created a parody online video which went live just a couple of weeks before the wedding and got some 26.5 million hits approximately on YouTube.

More Viral Marketing Plan Examples

Subservient Chicken by Burger King

The Burger King online campaign that went viral and was an instant hit the moment they launched it. It seemed like an interactive webcam where the man in a chicken costume could perform a host of actions as per the user input. Their punchline said “Get chicken just the way you like it” and the campaign did just that.

Facebook App – Bob Dylan

One of the smarter and more effective examples of viral marketing in recent times is the Bob Dylan Facebook app. Where it allows the user to either update a personalized video greeting by Bob Dylan on their profile page and/or send the same to a friend’s page.

Though videos have gained more popularity when it comes to viral marketing, content still plays a very important role as link baits.

And as easy as it may seem, writing quality articles for search engine optimization is tricky. It requires complete knowledge about:

  • The placement of keywords
  • Theme and tone of the article
  • Time to build on the content base.

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