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A popular term among marketers on the Web today is viral marketing online which is used to denote acceleration of sales via Internet duplicating the spread of viruses. For Viral marketing to work, three criteria must be met which include the following:

Market mavens are information specialists who continuously have information at their fingertips. They are among the first to receive information and transmit it to their social network. They are key in extracting and passing the information that seems beneficial or interesting to them.

Social hubs have a high distribution haven whereby they are connected to hundreds of people and serve to unite different sub-cultures.

Sales people who receive information from the market mavens amplify it by sprucing it up and tend to influence those in the social hub.

Only messages that are informative and interesting get imprinted in the readers mind and that can cause a viral phenomenon.  The timing of release of information is crucial. The success of what is viral guerilla marketing is dependent on the environment the information is poured in.

What Viral Marketing Online Involves

  1. Internet Search Engines: Search engine optimization basically constitutes a convenient way for a customer to find a website and keywords easily. Search engine optimization provides a free traffic flow without any hindrances which actually increases your chances of closing more sales. Relevant and popular keywords are included to help one manoeuvre through the website without much difficulty.
  2. Blogs: Viral marketing examples can be made effective by blogging. Once you’ve created your company website, develop regular updated blogs that will interest the reader. The interesting blogs will make your customers hunger for more information and hence turn them to loyal customers. You may also establish business relationships with other companies by having their blog content linked to your blog. This approach increases the effectiveness of your blog attracting a wider audience.
  3. Social Media Optimization: This is making optimum use of social media guerrilla marketing to make your products known. It’s a great way to increase awareness of your brand, product or event. There are different types of social media on which one can boomerang their products and services. Some to look out for include, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as video and blogging sites. This platform is a way to pass information by word of mouth. To maximize on this have links from the social media to your website.

The sole purpose of Internet is to make a product campaign go viral very fast. A brand can actually be made popular overnight. The Internet and social media do not make a product viral; they just enable users to pass on information to others very fast. The advertising or campaign of a product via the Internet thus has to follow some rules to be successful in increasing product sales.

  • The advert, blog or campaign must be appealing to the users or potential customers and that is worth forwarding to friends and family.
  • The content of the blog, advert or campaign must be of high quality.
  • The content must be able to provide the right message that will cause a positive action from the potential customer.

The more these types of viral marketing online strategies are in place the greater your chances of success with your viral Internet marketing blog campaigns.

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