Viral Marketing Strategies For The Web

viral online marketing strategies

The Online Guerilla Marketing Mix

Guerilla Marketing

Defining viral marketing strategies.

Various strategies are applied in the market so as to achieve viral marketing mix. Successful viral marketing campaigns are those which provide the most impact on the product while taking the least time. It is a strategy in which individuals create a chain of marketing by passing on the message to others and thus influencing them to partake in a product or service.

Launching Viral Marketing Strategies

Use of Existing Communication Channels

The channels that can be employed in the best viral marketing include mass emails, Social media like Facebook or Twitter as well as blogs and forums. These channels have impact on the users and also have large audience coverage and outreach. Many people visit the social media channel platforms daily and thus they provide an excellent way to reach them on a regular basis. Regular emails are also a good way to reach out to the target audience since most people will check their emails on a daily basis.

Provide Ways of Sharing with Others

Viral marketing strategies that work should have a way of spreading the message with others. For example an article, needs to provide a way for readers to share its contents with the readers social networking community.  This will encourage chain information sharing and result in viral marketing.  Many people find the best power from these areas by creating what is a blog no matter if they are explaining what is culture, what is science or a million other topics the world over.

Provide Free Giveaways

Free give away and winning are very motivating ways of reaching out to new audience and creating viral guerilla marketing. Examples could be:

  • Free graphics or icons
  • Free music
  • Free website hosting space

These methods will generate interest and awareness in your product and services and eventually bring on brand new consumers for your services.

Utilize Existing Web Resources

The web is a large platform with many ways of reaching out and utilizing what others have. Use affiliate links which are then hosted on existing websites or blogs. This will surely generate new traffic and spread the word to many people.

Free articles appearing on forums also drive visitors to your website as you go about reaching out to your audience.

Viral Contest

Providing an online challenge or contest for your audience is very motivational and can generate a lot of interest. Whether this is in form of a quiz or in form of essay writing this can go a long way in viral marking of a product or service. The contest can also be in the form whereby users comment or posts their thoughts regarding a service or a product and one will be picked a winner.

Prizes to be won are a motivation which encourages many people to participate and take a look at a new product or service.

Reward Programs

Provide ways for your users to get rewards when they recruit or share the information out with new members. This can be done through personalized affiliate program like sharing out of a web link with new users, which in turn can track how many people were able to follow the link and sign up for a service.

Following these types of viral marketing strategies are sure to bring new life into your online marketing efforts.

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