What Is Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a form of marketing that encourages web platforms or users to pass on marketing messages to other sites or users, thus creating a huge increase in the message’s visibility and effect. The  answer to “what is viral marketing” is that it is a form of marketing that basically induces people to spread the message for you to others for free thus making it inexpensive as these people become your marketers.

How does viral marketing take place?

Viral marketing can take place in various forms as follows;

  • Word of Mouth: getting people to constantly talk about a product
  • Word of Web: Similar to word of mouth but with the power of what is a URL.
  • Social Media: posting of product and services on social networking sites allows your content to be shared.
  • eBooks: they are easy to produce and carry around. If the book is good, it is easily passed across to others e.g. the online viral success of Steve Harvey’s Act like a man, Think Like a Lady.
  • Video Clips: are the best type of viral marketing as they are entertaining and can easily be transferred. The best example of a video which went viral is the musician Psy’s ‘Gangnam style’ dance video with over a billion views in three months!
  • Advergames: as the name suggests, these are online games which define what is viral advertising for a product or service within the scope of a fun and informative game.  They tend to go viral due to the entertainment quality added to them.

Viral marketing operates on certain principles in order for it to be successful. The following is a step by step process of how viral marketing takes place.

More About The Workings Of What Is Viral Marketing

Design the Message

In order for viral marketing to take place, one needs to have the message in place. This is essentially the product or service that you intend to market to the world. The message needs to be tailor made to suit the different types of audiences that you are targeting.

Some established viral marketing companies are known to have different departments to design messages for different age groups so as to have a successful campaign process. This should be the case for any aspiring viral marketer since the goal is to appeal to the audiences with a well created and researched message.

Also, keep the message brief and simple so that it is easily understood by everyone. Avoid jargons and hard vocabularies since this will simply remove all interest.

Have an Enticement

The only way people will pass across your message for you to other people is if you give them an incentive to do so. The incentive can come in form gifts e.g. cash prizes as well as free services as made available by you for them.  However, it is important that what is advertising doesn’t look like a marketing message when asking others to share with their circles of influence.

Make sure to communicate these incentives clearly in the beginning so that it motivates your potential marketers to market the product for you.

Allow for Easy Forwarding / Transfers

The more your message is shared and forwarded to other people, the more successful your viral marketing campaign will prove to be. Make sure that your message is easily transferrable and shared by everyone so that the campaign goes viral. Allow for easy downloads, embedding, bookmarking and publishing on other social network public relations sites. This demonstrates what is viral marketing as it opens up your campaign to other channels of communication thus rendering your viral marketing campaign a success.

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