Get Paid To Promote Your Own Business

You need marketing and at present we need 2 or 3 new clients. That’s why you’re the lucky one for having found this page. Take a moment to read the following and I believe you will find that it is an affordably awesome approach for your success online.

If you can’t afford $500 for marketing that returns revenue along with results stop reading.

See, we PAY you to market your project with Viral Traffic Team.

Here’s how it works:

Viral Traffic Team’s 3 Steps To Your Success

STEP 1: Membership Mania

We create a membership newsletter your visitors will gladly pay $4.75 or more for monthly to belong to within your niche that we manage and maintain for you. Each week your readers receive timely cutting edge information in their eMails that they will enjoy reading wherein you can place company advertisements as well as monetizing the entire report to point people back to your Website projects. You can also deliver company crafted content and customize exactly what type of information is shared each week with all your readers.

These electronic news letters can have multiple pages including graphics, company headers, contact information for you and more.


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Our guarantee is built on this system.


Simply put, we guarantee that this membership program will build the revenue you need for the other parts of your marketing efforts within 90 days or less or you receive a full refund. Imagine a $4.75 per client investment paying for your marketing efforts with Viral Traffic Team. At first glance it may seem a bit strange but if you multiply that by 1000 sign-ups you have $4,750 monthly coming in to support your marketing efforts with the Viral Traffic Team.

Plus, you receive 50% of what comes in monthly from your membership program to spend and invest as you wish. In the early stages of our working together we recommend that you reinvest your portion of earnings in the marketing efforts of Viral Traffic Team’s launch as we too will be doing, but that is not absolutely necessary.

With that said let me repeat the cost involved for you.

$500 for the launch of the membership program itself is all it takes. We recommend that you also consider up to $500 for us to promote your new electronic membership program but that is not necessary.

Where else can you get paid for building your online presence like we do at Viral Traffic Team? Actually, you can’t.

STEP 2: Social Network Nirvana

Once we have established the base line with your membership program it is time to build your social platform using your existing accounts or creating new ones where and when necessary. This includes professional graphical implementations that are designed to fit your niche and connecting into an automated stream of excitement that will get people sharing socially what you are offering.

Social profiles involved in this part of the system include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. G+
  5. Delicious
  6. And more

Here are results of programs we’ve launched within the first 30 days of our marketing rollout.

NOTE: You may implement this service up front if you like. Ask for a quote and we will be pleased to provide one for you. It will also help you grow your membership project faster if you implement this option early.

STEP 3: WordPress Blogging Bonanza

This is the most expensive part of our 3 steps to your marketing success online project

but you won’t pay a dime for it out of your budget. We fund this part of our endeavors

through your membership program we created in STEP 1. Once this is implemented

you will be driving organic traffic to your site from the search engines as well as social networking platforms.

Here’s a quick snap show of possibilities we deliver within our organic ranking results.

NOTE: While this is STEP 3 we purposely don’t go into great detail of what we offer here because we want you to be excited about STEP 1 and possibly STEP 2.

What Does It Cost?

We covered this to start, but let me go over the details once more.

First, it can cost you as little as $500 and if you decide to put an additional $500 toward your initial launch it would be helpful but not necessary to deliver results.

But actually, it costs you even less than that because of our 90 day guarantee to have the traffic flow you need rolling into your marketing funnel to pay for additional online marketing endeavors with Viral Traffic Team and beyond.

Where else can you pay so little for so much and have a 100% guarantee or no funds are spent? Quite simply, you can’t so let’s talk today.

Call 800-589-1509 for further details and secure your spot now. We are only looking for 2 or 3 clients and when those spots are full you’ll have to wait till a new opening is available. So don’t delay, call today – 800-589-1509.

SEOGuy Siverson
CEO Viral Traffic Team

Select Your Viral Promotions Option


Our guarantee is built on this system.


PS: You pay a one-time $500 payment to launch a system that will pay for your future online marketing endeavors.

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