Social Footprint Beta Test Program Testers Wanted

Have you heard how important social footprints are in today’s Online Marketing world?

What are you personally doing to increase your social footprints on FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and the other major networks that are available?

For a limited time only you can have immediate free access to a “done-for-you” system where examples like 92 posts return 1,180 clicks for an average of 12.8 clicks per post.

Here’s a graph that shows the results with a brand new launch in the first 24 hours of launch.

Once again, this is a “done-for-you” program that works in any niche targeting whatever topic you like.  As you see the results roll out on your social networks you can custom tailor them to fit whatever you prefer or like.

If you are wondering what the long-term ramifications of this are then check out this 30 day graph.

How exactly does this work?

STEP 1: You decide what niche topic you want to have presented in your stream.
STEP 2: You provide any and all RSS feeds that you want to be run with this system.
STEP 3: You sit back and watch the Viral Traffic Team go to work.

Do I have your attention?

Hope so, because this opportunity is brand new to the market which is why we are looking for only 3 beta testers to try it out absolutely free for 1 week.  After that first week we then talk about options.

OPTION 1: Walk away without any financial commitment.  However, when you see the results we deliver with this system, I’m sure you will not want to be selecting this as your option.

OPTION 2: Pay the setup fee of $500 and $250 monthly thereafter to be fully connected to our social footprints system.

OPTION 3: Receive a $250 referral bonus for every person you send our way that elects to implement our services for themselves.  Two referrals waives your setup fee of $500 altogether.  One monthly referral keeps your account free forever.  Send even more referrals and we start paying you.

Here’s how to get in touch personally with the founder of Viral Traffic Team and this unique social footprint system.

SEOGuy Siverson

SKYPE: CalculatePower
eMail: SEOGuy@ViralTrafficTeam.com
PH: 800-589-1509

PS: Other Online Advertising options are available upon request.  Here’s a snapshot of my experience to give you an idea of how I may help you succeed on the Web.
===> http://goo.gl/2VDQX

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