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ViralTNTeam Free Advertising Techniques

WARNING:  This is a limited time offer and may be pulled at any time, so read on and find out how to advertise for free with us before this option is no longer available.

Introducing the brand new exclusive advertisements opportunity you can receive absolutely free from Viral Traffic Team.  This truly is a no-cost way to get your message in-front of our audience.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

Just share an original piece of content about the world of online marketing on our sister site ViralTNTeam.com and we will give you a 30 day free advertising spot right here on Viral Traffic Team.

NOTE:  Even if you don’t have time to write the content keep reading.  We have an awesome option available for you too.

Sound to good to be true?

It’s not.

Simply put, we are building a community of people interested in the online marketing world that want to become part of the Viral Traffic Team social explosion.  We are in the 2nd month of launch and are pulling out all the stops as we build loyalty with our community.

Things we have implemented so far include:

  1. Giving away over $600 worth of free marketing each and every month.  You can find out more about that in our Pin It To Win It contest on Pinterest.  [NOTE:  This has been temporarily discontinued but will resume shortly.  Please check back]
  2. Free eBook on gaining traffic from your images.  We’re not even taking your eMail in exchange.  We are however asking you to share this content with whomever you believe would benefit from it.  Yes, that’s right, GIVE IT AWAY!!!
  3.  Coming very soon, we will be giving away customizable, personalizable brandable graphical photos to anyone that asks which we share out to our social networks on FB, TW, G+ & Pin.  Keep watching our front page for this rollout which is worth more than $100 in value and available to everyone that simply makes a request.

And now, we are carrying out what is advertising for you absolutely free simply for your sharing of an original content piece shared on ViralTNTeam.com.  You can have a permanent one way link from this project which means even more exposure for you.

The key here is to provide content which focuses on the world of online marketing.  Even better if it targets viral marketing specifically in some fashion.

But, I’m not a writer and don’t have the time

No, sweat. 

When it comes to content creation we are affiliated with IWriter.com for one big reason.  They work For as little as $3.00 you can have a 500 word article completed in less than 24 hours.  This is a very cool and useful tool you should know about for all your content acquisition needs.

While your at it, stop by Photos.com and pick a relevant photo that would work well with your article.  They have tons of them available and a web related package of 50 images which you can tap into for less than $50.

NOTE:  You don’t need to use either of the recommended services above unless time is more important than money for you.  If you do choose to tap into their services the entire package would cost you less than $5 to be out the door.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’m glad you asked.

YOU DELIVER: 1 original piece of content to ViralTNTeam.com.

YOU RECEIVE: Free advertisement for the entire month from Viral Traffic Team where in our 2nd month online we have 50+ people visiting daily.

NOTE:  Advertise monthly with these advertising techniques  absolutely free by supplying one fresh new original piece each month.

WARNING:  We are only looking for 10 people to take advantage of this how to advertise on Viral Traffic Team opportunity, which means that once it is gone it is gone.  Take action today before they beat you to the punch.

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  1. Tim Southernwood

    Interesting method of content generation. Bonus for the contributors is the free month of advertising (but you don’t make clear where that advertising appears), plus the fact they can generate some SEO and traffic by linking author to G+ etc.. The posts remain.. thus the linking remains.
    I think it would be helpful to focus a little more on clarifying ad positions and the added benefits to contributors.

    1. Admin

      Hey Tim – Sorry about the delay in feedback. We are just getting things underway so this is perfect timing for securing your ad spot. We’ve had over 400 people visit today and we haven’t arrived at the 90 day mark yet. Your ads will appear in the left and right widget areas and as such you will be on almost every page of the sight. We are only looking for 10 people to take advantage of this by contributing high quality content to our sister site http://ViralTNTeam.com. Let me know if you are in with this free advertising opportunity.

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