3 Tips for How to Get More Traffic on YouTube

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube

Many people who own YouTube channels understand how to advertise and the power of viral ad campaigns and find different ways to boost the web traffic to their page. If you are one of them, you are probably wondering how to get more traffic on YouTube. There are many different ways that you can do this, although a large majority of the suggestions you will find elsewhere on the Internet are not as good as what you will find listed below.

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube


  1. Promote your channel elsewhere, and include links so that people can find it more easily.
  2. Add many tags to your videos that it will show up in more search results.
  3. Find similar videos, and attach your video as a “Video Response”

How to Increase Website Traffic on YouTube by Promoting Your Channel

If you have a blog, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, or other social media account, you can promote your videos for best viral marketing on these sites. The more people you get your video out to, the more traffic you will get to your channel. It is important, however, to attach clickable links to your comments and posts. If the people who see your promoting comments are unable to get to your videos through the click of a button, they most likely are not going to search YouTube for it specifically. You need to include the link, or your promotion will do very little to increase your YouTube traffic.

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube by Adding Tags

Within moments, you can use Google free website promotion tools to find the most popular searched for tags on YouTube. This will give you the best idea of what kind of tags people are looking for when they are browsing through YouTube videos. As you create videos, try to gear them toward these tags, and then add them to the video. The more tags you add, the more search results your video will show up in. This makes it much more likely for people to click on your results, which can increase search engine traffic to YouTube.

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube by Attaching Video Responses

One of the best ways to get more traffic is to find videos that are slightly similar to your videos and attach them as a video response. This will get the attention of people who are looking for videos like yours, but would not find them otherwise. While the other two suggestions will most likely be more helpful, adding video responses will greatly increase your online traffic when it is done correctly.

All three of these suggestions are great tips for how to get more traffic on YouTube, and have been used by many YouTubers within the scope of how to get visitors to their videos. They work well for anyone, and as long as you do them correctly, you will see a great increase in your YouTube traffic.

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